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What's in the funnel toolbox?
the cart
Yes... a real shopping cart inside of ClickFunnels®. Add to cart buttons, empty cart notifications, multiples items at different quantities, charge flat rate shipping on a per item or per order basis, and if you want, you can even use your cart as a digital order form without any add to cart buttons. And that's not even the best part! You can add this to your funnel without any need to understand code, and most installations involve placing a few lines on code in the tracking area. It's that simple.
the confirmation
Need to make sure your customers are agreeing to your terms and conditions? Look no further. The Confirmation allows you to add a terms and conditions checkbox above the "complete order" button on any checkout page or the yes link button on any OTO page. Like our other tools, any one can set it up. Just copy and paste a few lines of code, and it's live on your ClickFunnels® page! The Confirmation makes it easy to be sure your customers are confirming your terms on every order.
See it in action on the Two Step and Order Form demo above
the variant
Wish you could offer different sizes of t-shirts on your ClickFunnels® page without having to make a separate product for each size? The Variant is for you. The Variant allows you so add any number of variations to a product and even add one variation to several products. The Variant works with the default ClickFunnels® order form or with our shopping cart code for an improved shopper experience. Save time and money by adding variations to your funnels quickly with The Variant.
See it in action on the Order Form demo above
the helper+
Have your ever wanted to make a duplicate of your ClickFunnels® order form? You probably just wanted to make a small change, but it resulted in time wasted as you manually copied each product into the new form. The Helper+ is a premium Chrome extension, exclusively for members of The Funnel Toolbox, and it allows you to duplicate a product inside a funnel and also send a copy of product to other funnels.
Try the free version in our Funnel Freebies:
the basket
Every experienced ClickFunnels® user understands the power of the one-click up-sell... but what if you could sell your customer a cart worth of products in a single click?  We took our code for The Cart and simplified it into a smaller package that we call The Basket. The Basket allows you to offer multiple products at multiple quantities in an easy one-click up-sell.
the padlock
You've spent hours upon hours filling your membership area with world class content, and someone with a bit of knowledge can waltz right up to your ClickFunnels® login page and create their own log in for your member site without paying... wait... What?! The Padlock helps prevent non-paying users from gaining access to your ClickFunnels® member site. Just add a couple lines to your tracking code area, and lock down all your precious content!
the turbo
Speed up your slow funnel pages. The Turbo consists of two parts. The first is a few code snippets which allow you to eliminate some external resource requests. This typically results in a page load time that's 3-7% faster! The second part is our image compression tool. We all want beautiful, image rich funnels... but that comes at a cost - slow load times. By compressing images, you can improve page load time by up to 30%.
( coming soon )
the next tool
What's next? That's up to you! The ideas for our tools come from your suggestions. Need a sliding thingamabob for you images? Or maybe you really wish you had a whatchamacallit that utilized user inputs? Tell us and it might be the next tool added to The Funnel Toolbox!
our friends
We endorse the idea of a supportive ClickFunnels® community. Below you'll find links to some of our favorite ClickFunnels® products/tools that we wouldn't want you to miss.
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